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My True Moth Story

Jane Green is a wonderful author. She’s written 19 novels, has over 10 million books in print, and been published in more than 30 languages.

Our Westport neighbor is as gifted a storyteller in person as she is in print. For years she entertained book tour audiences with her tale of cooking dinner for Hugh Grant.

Jane Green

The Moth — the wildly successful radio show and podcast featuring real people telling true stories — heard about Green’s routine. They chatted a bit, before deciding it was not quite right for The Moth. They asked if she had another story to tell.

She did. It was about her middle-aged head being turned by the attention of a handsome younger man. First told at Cooper Union, “Greener Grass” (clever name!) was wildly successful. It’s been heard more than a million times.

Which got Green thinking: Why not bring The Moth to Westport?

A longtime supporter of the Westport Country Playhouse — and one-time board member — Green always looked for programs appealing to  young audiences. She’d helped bring a “Hamilton” singalong, David Bowie tribute and Lisa Lampanelli play to the fabled stage.

The Moth was a natural next project.

Which is why next Friday (January 25, 7:30 p.m.), 5 great storytellers will bring The Moth to the Westport Country Playhouse.

Well, 4 great storyteller. Plus me.

I can’t believe I’ll be standing up there with Green herself; Alistair Bane, a Shawnee who makes dance regalia, paints and rehabilitates feral reservation dogs; Henia Lewin, a Lithuanian instructor of Hebrew and Yiddish, and Trina Michelle Robinson of San Francisco, who explores memory through video, archival materials and text.

Not quite the Westport Country Playhouse. But close.

I tell stories every day on “06880.” I can type a tale in my sleep.

But performing as a Moth storyteller is waaaaay different.

I’ll join 4 experienced folks — including a woman who has done this before, and written 17 New York Times bestsellers.

And — oh yeah — the Moth Radio Hour is heard on more than 475 stations. The podcast is downloaded a million times each week.

But I’m ready. I might rock it — or bomb.

Either way, for the rest of my life I’ll have one more intriguing story to tell.

(For more information and tickets, click here.)

Jane Green’s Moth Hour

The world knows Jane Green as the author of 19 novels, including 17 New York Times bestsellers. She has over 10 million books in print, is published in more than 25 languages, and has several books in development for film and TV.

Westporters know her as our neighbor (and the founder of the great Front Porch Facebook group).

And Moth listeners — over 1 million, and counting — know her as a wonderful storyteller.

In November of 2015, Green was invited to speak at Cooper Union.

Jane Green

Her tale — called “Greener Grass” — began with a trip from Westport to New York. When not one man looked at her, she realized to her chagrin that at 44, she had become “completely invisible.”

Green thought her life in the suburbs — with 5 kids, 2 dogs, 5 cats and 17 chickens — was good. But she met a “sweet, winsome, brilliant” — and young — writer in California.

She tried to figure out if they were flirting. When she was in London, they emailed. She still wondered if they were flirting.

She headed back to California, where the handsome young writer lived. Her husband came too.

After all, it was his birthday.

She saw the young writer’s house. They went for a walk.

The rest — we’ll you’ll have to listen yourself.

Which is easy, because The Moth posted “Greener Grass” online.

Listening to Jane’s story is well worth your 14 minutes.

One million listeners are clearly not wrong.

(Click here for Jane Green’s Moth story.)