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Richard Wiese Explores The Presidency

Richard Wiese was born to explore.

Traveling to all 7 continents, he’s tagged jaguars in the Yucatan jungles, led expeditions to the Northern Territory of Australia, and joined the largest medical expedition ever conducted on Mt. Everest.

He achieved the first ascent of an unclimbed mountain in Alaska, discovered 29 new life forms on Mt. Kilimanjaro, and cross-country skied to the North Pole.

“Born to Explore” is also the name of the award-winning PBS television series, which also aired on ABC for 5 seasons. It’s produced on Main Street in Westport — and Wiese, a Weston resident, is host and executive producer.

Richard Wiese in Borneo, with a wild orangutan.

The Explorers Club is right up Wiese’s alley. Since 1904 the New York-based organization has promoted scientific exploration of land, sea, air and space. Club members have been first to the North Pole, South Pole, the summit of Mount Everest, the deepest point in the ocean, and the surface of the moon.

So it’s natural that Wiese was elected 44th president of the Explorers Club.

It’s his second stint at the helm. He also served from 2002 to 2006.

“In my lifetime, science and nature have never been more under siege,” Wiese says.

“Our world needs scientists and explorers more than ever before. I am proud to say that since 1904, the Explorers Club has stood for innovation, conservation and the value of different cultures. Our members make a difference, and I am honored to serve as its next president.”

Wiese’s honors include an Emmy, a Genesis Award, an AP Folio Award, and the Walter Cronkite Award for contributions to journalism and exploration.