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Sign Here

Alert “06880” reader Ed Simek is — like us — tired of all the signs we see around town. But unlike most of us, he’s got a plan. Ed writes: 

Here’s a suggestion on how we can improve Westport aesthetically, and raise town revenues at the same time.

Sign 2Every weekend, tag/estate sales are held all over town. Handmade signs are placed at every major street crossing.

While we all enjoy scouring these sales, no one enjoys looking at weatherbeaten signs all over town, many of which may be weeks old.

My suggestion: Have someone drive through town on Tuesday mornings and accumulate the signs that people haven’t removed themselves. There will be a $25 fine for each sign found still posted on Tuesday morning. Such a rule will certainly serve as a strong impetus for tag sale sign removal.

I’m certain there are senior citizens/college kids who’d love the opportunity to make a few bucks doing this.

A viable idea? Or one destined for the scrap heap? Click “Comments” below!

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