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Photo Challenge #169

Last week’s photo challenge hit the sweet spot.

There were several good (but wrong) guesses. Some correct ones. And added historical information/background from a very alert “06880” reader.

Molly Alger’s photo showed — as Morley Boyd and Wendy Cusick knew — the stone pillars in front of the glass office building on Post Road West, opposite Marion Road at the Norwalk border. (Heading toward town, it’s on the right.  Click here for the photo, and all the guesses, on-target and off.)

Wendy explains:

That office park was once a house, I believe. It might have been set off the road. Pillars like these were known as decorative survey markers. In this case they possibly marked an entrance or right of way to the property.

The property was probably a lot larger. It was probably divided up and sold as lots in the 1970s. The office park was built in 1978 or ’79. I remember it being a gleaming new glass building.

Here is this week’s challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see it, please click “Comments” below.

O course, back stories are always welcome!

(Photo/Larry Untermeyer)