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Wreck ‘Em, Minutemen!

Skip Lane has a suggestion:

Change the Staples mascot to the Minutemen.

What’s a Wrecker, anyhow?

The Minuteman is much more significant, right?  And what a cool helmet decal.

And, Skip adds:

The Minute Men were all about “defending this house.”  Isn’t that the most popular sports cliché today?

The name Wreckers, he notes, arose decades ago, when the Staples football team beat Norwalk High, and “wrecked” their undefeated season.

“Hardly what you base your ideals on,” he sniffs.

Skip is no random jaboney.  His father Paul — who, Skip says, agrees with him — was Staples’ longtime head football coach.

Skip played for him — and went on to an NFL career, with the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Redskins.

Though, come to think about it, “Redskins” is not exactly the greatest team name either.

Wrecker/Minuteman fans:  “06880” is all about democracy.  Cast your (non-binding) vote below.