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Cleaning Up, With Thanks

Everyone knows who really runs a school: the secretaries and custodians.

Last week, Staples’ custodial staff was thanked for their hard — and often unappreciated — work.

There was special breakfast food, and more in the afternoon for the 2nd shift. Posters were hung, hand-written cards handed out.

Yet the day-long celebration was inspired — and organized — not by the administration or PTA. The idea came from a group of students, and Staples’ National Honor Society carried it out.

Senior Lexie Schachne called the day “extremely successful. The custodial staff felt quite special.”

Still, she said, “the truth is that every day should be Custodian Appreciation Day.”

See what your kids do when you’re not looking?

Staples’ popular head custodian Horace Lewis leads a great staff.