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Congratulations, Graduates!

As Staples’ Class of 2013 graduates this afternoon, it’s a good time to celebrate past classes.

Like the school’s Class of 1933.

At Staples 80 years ago they witnessed the 1st issue of Inklings, the school newspaper; the formation of a student council, and — big news! — the purchase of a mimeograph machine. In a student straw poll before the fall election, President Hoover outpolled Governor Franklin Roosevelt, 111-83.

Alert “06880” reader John Karrel passed along Jimmy Restaino’s late Aunt Sadie’s graduation photo.

SHS Class of 33

Like students today, Staples seniors showed a variety of emotions. Some looked happy and confident; others were a bit anxious. (Hey, it was the depths of the Depression.)

There are differences, of course. In 1933, 45 seniors graduated. Today, Staples hands diplomas to 463.

And check out those jackets, ties and dresses. It’s been a long time since Staples students dressed like that for their class photo.