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Staples Ski Team Has A Special Fan

For everyone associated with Staples High School — students, staff and parents — yesterday was tough. An overheard threat led to a lockdown, early dismissal, and plenty of fear.

But life goes on. Today, the boys ski team has its state meet.

Last night, they got together at Angelina’s for pre-race pasta. One of the main topics of conversation was the day’s events.

When it came time to pay, they found the bill had already been settled.

In its place was this note:

The team is grateful to its anonymous, Staples alumnus fan.

They’ll do their best today to make us proud.

Just as — every day — the school’s students, staff and administrators try to do.

(Hat tip: Susan Steele)

They’re #1 (And 3)

Staples’ boys ski team — shown above, hoisting coach Jon Shepro — finished the season as state class “S” champions, with a 17-4 record.  At today’s state meet, with teams from all divisions, the Wreckers finished 3rd overall.

The girls finished 2nd in class “S” for the entire season, but did not place in today’s race.