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Students ♥ Staff

This is Staff Appreciation Week at Staples.  Adopting the school’s mantra — “think outside the box” — the PTA is moving beyond the usual parental thank-you luncheon.

Last week, PTA members manned womanned a table in the library.  They invited students to write a few words of appreciation to any adult at Staples — anyone at all.  Teachers, administrators, coaches, substitutes, nurses, custodians, secretaries, cafeteria workers, librarians, counselors, paraprofessionals, counselors, pyschologists, bus drivers — whoever impacted their lives was fine.

It was a gamble — but it paid off.  Students lined up to share their thoughts on several hundred colorful apple-shaped Post-Its (“an apple for the teacher” — get it?).

Their words were heartfelt, and spanned the entire spectrum of the school:

  • There is no band teacher I’d rather have than Mr. M.
  • Ms. James, thanks for teaching us to love math!
  • To all the custodians:  You guys are fantastic.  Thanks for keeping our school clean.
  • Geraghty — you’re the man!
  • Señor B es el hombre! (The same exact sentiment as for Dan Geraghty, this time in Spanish)
  • Mr. Dodig, thanks for thinking about the students.  It does wonders.
  • Mrs. Honeycutt, you rock my world!
  • Addicks — you truly are the best.  Staples wouldn’t be the same without you.
  • Your the best English teacher.  (Hey, it’s the thought that counts.)
  • To everyone at Staples:  You are awesome.

And my personal favorite:

  • Staples ♥ Woog

The “apples” will be posted on the library walls all week long — throughout Staff Appreciation Week.

Parents:  You have no idea what your kids are doing when you’re not watching.

Odds are, it’s something nice.

Dozens of messages fill a table, ready to be hung on the Staples library walls.