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Club Green Wants Your Roof

Most Westporters are so busy they have little time for basic daily functions like cooking, cleaning and breathing.

So they certainly don’t have time to figure out if their home has good solar potential.

Even if Solarize Westport — a fantastic program that promotes solar installation at below-market rates — is closing in on its December 14 deadline.

So a dozen Staples students are doing it for you.

High school teenagers don’t have a lot of free time either. But these are members of Club Green — a very active environmental group — and helping the planet (and their town) is at least as important to them as homework, SAT prep and playing FIFA.

So last week they examined aerial photos from Google Earth. They found 53 local homes with southern-facing, well-oriented roofs. Then they hand-addressed envelopes to the owners, mailing a letter and flyer describing Solarize Westport.

Club Green — including Robby Gershowitz and Zack Pensak, Stapleites who also serve on Westport’s Green Task Force — says there are 250 or so homes in Westport with “ideal” south-facing roof orientation. Many others are “good” — not due-south, but close enough.

Club Green members (from left) Robby Gershowitz, Thomas Ward and Sarah Fox work diligently to find south-facing roofs.

Club members will continue their identification and mailing work this Tuesday (November 20, 5 to 7 p.m., Town Hall Room 309).

Anyone interested —  any age — can join them. Just bring a pen, smartphone, iPad or laptop.

The pizza is free.

Solar power is not, of course. But it’s a great investment — particularly if you heed Club Green, and sign up with Solarize Westport.