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Remembering Sid Caesar And Imogene Coca

The news of Sid Caesar’s death yesterday at 91 made me think of this photo:

Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca

It hangs in Staples High School, courtesy of the Westport Public Schools Permanent Art Collection. Students and staff walk by it every day. Most have no idea it’s a portrait of Caesar and his longtime performing partner, Imogene Coca.

Those who do probably don’t know that she lived in Westport. Coca died here in 2001, age 92.

And even the folks who know that don’t know this iconic shot was taken by Victor Keppler. A renowned photographer, he helped found Famous Photographers School, headquartered here. He lived in Westport too, until his death in 1987 at 83.

(Hat tip to Kathie Motes Bennewitz for these Westport connections.)