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Want To Buy An Oyster Bed?

It’s never too early to start shopping for next year’s holiday gifts.

Maybe you want to splurge on something for yourself.

Or perhaps you’re looking for that ultimate “I’ve-got-it-and-you-don’t” Westport status symbol.

Whatever the reason, here’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance:  Leases on Alan Sterling’s 78.6-acre shellfish beds are up for sale.

Alan Sterling hauls up a basket of oysters. (AP photo/Kathy Willens)

The private shellfish farm — just off Compo Beach’s Cedar Point — is at least as attractive as owning your own vegetable garden, putting green or tennis court.  Due to local legislation, of course, owning a shellfish bed is much rarer.

The possibilities are endless:  Invite your friends to an oyster and clam dinner, featuring your very own bivalves.

If eating local food is important, here’s a way to do so — while controlling the quality of your family’s food supply.

Sure, it’s a vanity asset — but it’s quite possibly a tax writeoff.

The beds are listed for $225,000.  Negotiations are possible, depending on the terms of sale.

(Interested? contact Skip Lane:  203-326-5892; skip.lane@cushwake.com.)

Alan Sterling culls through his oyster haul. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)