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Is There A Violinist In The House?

Last month, smack in the middle of previews for “She Loves Me,” the violinist in the 5-member orchestra bowed out for personal reasons.

The Westport Country Playhouse needed to find another brilliant musician– and one who could quickly learn an intricate musical score.

Angela Marroy Boerger (Photo by Kathleen O'Rourke)

They looked as far as — downstairs.  Education and community programs coordinator Angela Marroy Boerger earned music degrees from Rice University and Yale, and studied violin with Kenneth Goldsmith, Ronald Neal and Doris Hansen.

Angela was not exactly secretive about her talents — she’s played at several Playhouse receptions.  But was she up to a major musical production, with a 3-week run through May 15?

And did we mention that she recently learned she is pregnant?

Artistic director Mark Lamos and musical director Wayne Baker ran Angela through an audition.  Realizing she is an exceptional musician, they offered her the job.

Angela received the score on a Thursday evening.  On Friday night, wearing her traditional “orchestra black” dress, she played the 1st of 8 weekly shows in the pit.

Meanwhile — because not only the show but the Playhouse itself must go on — she kept her day job, planning educational programs and working with the incoming intern class.

Patrons leave “She Loves Me” with smiles on their faces.  After all, it’s an upbeat show, and a winning production.

But the biggest smile may belong to the accidental violinist.  One critic wrote:

I begin this review with the music because it’s the small orchestra, under the seasoned baton of Wayne Barker that plays a significant role in this musical comedy – which really should be termed an Operetta, in my opinion.  Worthy of special mention is a lovely violin solo by Angela Marroy Boerger.

They love her.

She Loves ‘She Loves Me’

Janine Scotti just saw “She Loves Me” — the Westport Country Playhouse musical comedy that’s been extended through May 15.

Janine joins many theater-goers in raving about it.  “Delightful, romantic, funny, charming and nostalgic,” she says, channeling her inner Clive Barnes.

She loved the set, the costume, the music and lyrics — she says she “grinned from ear to ear,” starting the moment the curtain rose.

Janine — the owner of Da Pietro’s restaurant — loved “She Loves Me” so much, she’s even heading back for a matinee.  And taking her husband — the chef Pietro — out of the kitchen, for “a relaxing and rejuvenating” afternoon.

But wait — there’s more!

To prove to all of her neighbors how much she wants them to see the show, Janine is offering anyone who brings a “She Loves Me” ticket or ticket stub a free glass of wine or dessert (with the purchase of a Da Pietro’s lunch or dinner entree).

Talk about neighbors helping neighbors — what a great idea!

And if the Playhouse wants to reciprocate, maybe they can give a free brownie at intermission to any “She Loves Me” patron who shows a receipt from Da Pietro’s.