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Crowd-Sourcing School Safety

As the Board of Education seeks bids for a school security audit — and a Town/School Security Task Force including civic, police, fire and school officials examines buildings and procedures with an eye on immediate improvement — it can’t hurt to ask the “0688o” crowd for their thoughts, too.

Alert “06880” reader Bart Shuldman — who came up with this idea — notes that parents, students and other Westporters no doubt have good insights into some of the security issues at our schools. And creative ways to solve them.

This is not “instead of” the outside audit — it’s to give the firm that’s selected some solid ideas, and a sense of what kids, teachers, administrators, parents and visitors experience every day.

Click “Comments” to add your thoughts. Be specific and instructive, not mean or snarky. We’re all in this security business together, and together we can help the experts make our schools as safe — while still friendly — as they can be.

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