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Staples Class Of ’23: By The Numbers

Over 93% of last year’s Staples High School graduating class went on to 4-year colleges.

The average number of schools each senior applied to was 9.

The University of Connecticut received the most applications (146), and was also the most popular place to go (17 members of the Class of ’23 enrolled).

Those were some of the statistics offered at Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting. School Counselor Department chair Bill Plunkett, and College and Career Center coordinator Sandra Zeigler, made the presentation.

Besides the 93.1% of graduating seniors who headed to 4-year schools, and 2.3% went to 2-year colleges; 1.2% took a gap year; 0.9% took another year at a prep school; 0.9% went directly into the work force; 0.7% went to career education schools; 0.2% entered the military, and 0.7% were undecided.

The overall acceptance rate for the Class of ’23 was 52%. 154 students were accepted by at least 75% of the schools they applied to.

Their mean SAT score was 1244. Their mean ACT score was 28.9.

Of last year’s seniors, 45% applied for need-based financial aid; 30% applied for local or community scholarships.

14% said they intended to play an intercollegiate sport. 9% applied to a visual or performing arts program.

The top 3 factors in choosing a college, they said in a survey, were academic programs, location, and campus life.

Staples’ Class of 2023 heads off into the world. (Photo/Dan Woog)

After UConn, the most popular schools to apply to were Penn State (77 applicants), Indiana University (76), the University of Maryland (76), the University of Michigan (66), Northeastern University (65), Syracuse (63), the University of Wisconsin 962), the University of Colorado (61) and Boston University (60).

Those tracked closely with actual enrollment. After UConn came Indiana (16), BU and Syracuse 911 each), Colorado and Wisconsin (10 each), Northeastern (8) and Tulane, Michigan and Virginia Tech (7).

In terms of Advanced Placement tests (all grades), 95% of all scores were 3 (on a scale of 5) or higher. The mean AP score across all subjects was 4.2.

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