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Saying Farewell, With Brunch And Stories

CronArt — the cool little pop-up gallery that’s enlivened Bedford Square since opening this summer — is wrapping up its stay.

Before leaving though, they’re throwing a “celebrate Westport” brunch. Set for Sunday (October 28, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) and called “The Evolution of an Art Community,” it honors the rich heritage that drew owners Ryan and Melanie Cronin here from New Paltz.

Miggs Burroughs, Michael Friedman, Elizabeth Devoll, Roe Halper and Bob Weingartenwill share stories about their personal experiences with art, music and architecture, and discuss how Westport became a leading arts town.

The event is interactive, with questions welcomed from the audience.

CronArtUSA’s Bedford Square gallery.

“We were compelled to open a second space in Westport after discovering its deep roots as an artists’ community,” Ryan Cronin says. “We want to highlight and celebrate it.”

Cronin says the storytelling event reflects the gallery’s mission as a community gathering place “where art and dialogue find common ground, through the eyes and hearts of the people we’re fortunate to have in our lives: friends, family and other artists.”

If you’ve been to CronArt Gallery, you know it’s a great space. If you have been: Say farewell.

The arts are alive and well in Westport. Let’s honor those who are here, and thank those who have come because of them.

(“Sunday Brunch and Storytelling” is free, but requires an RSVP because seating is limited. Email hello@cronartusa.com with your name, contact information and the number of people attending.)

New Paltz Artist Opens New Gallery Here

New Paltz is a funky Hudson Valley town. It’s home to the famed Mohonk Mountain House, and boasts (according to ILoveNY.com) “a lively music scene, farm-to-table eateries, and charming boutiques and cafes.”

Sort of like we kind of imagine Westport to be (without the Victorian castle).

So when Ryan Cronin looked beyond New Paltz for his new gallery, he chose Bedford Square.

“As socially conscious, artistic entrepreneurs with a passion for community relationships and adventure, we put a great deal of thought” into their 2nd location, says CronArtUSA co-owner (and Ryan’s wife) Melanie Cronin.

Ryan Cronin

When they heard about this town, she says, “we sat down, cracked our knuckles, and immersed ourselves in the Westport world. Our extensive research all came back with one positive affirmation: Westport was the perfect place to spread our mission (‘Art for good’) and vision (‘Be part of the art’).”

Westport’s rich history as an artists’ colony, and strong appreciation for the arts, were important. The Public Art Collection — including so many works in each school — sealed the deal.

“Ryan is a firm believer in making art accessible,” Melanie says. “Any community that makes major works of art part of children’s everyday life is one we want to be part of.”

The Bedford Square gallery offers Ryan Cronin’s original works and prints, along with special merchandise ranging from apparel to home goods.

Inside CronArtUSA’s Bedford Square gallery.

So far, Melanie says, Westport has been “welcoming and inquisitive.”

The New Paltz gallery and gift shop has become a community hub and gathering place, for artists and social activists alike. The couple hope the Westport site becomes the same.

(CronArtUSA is open in Bedford Square from 1 to 6 p.m. every day except Monday, and by appointment. Click here for more information.)