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Question Box

Every Westporter — 5th generation or 5-days-ago newbie — has questions about this town.

Who were William Cribari and Ruth Steinkraus Cohen, and why are bridges named after them?

What’s happening (or not happening) with that construction project on Kings Highway North, near Canal Street?

When did 9th graders start going to Staples?

Where were Westport’s 5 movie theaters located?

Why is there a grass median on the Post Road between McDonald’s and the Connector?

How come traffic has suddenly gotten so bad?

Why has traffic increased recently? And who was William F. Cribari?

Time for a new “06880” feature!

“Question Box” will appear occasionally — whenever I have enough to address them en masse.

Readers’ questions can be current or historical, concrete or abstract, deep or shallow.

I won’t know all the answers. But one of our readers probably will.

So if you’ve been wondering something about Westport — how the town works, why we do the things we do, what’s going on — email dwoog@optonline.net.

As your teachers always said, “there’s no such thing as a dumb question.”

Fingers crossed.