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President Obama Talks To Westport Kids

ObamaTomorrow, Barack Obama addresses the nation’s students.  Like previous presidents — including Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes — the president will try to inspire young people to work hard in school, so they can lead satisfying personal and professional lives.

Naturally, some people object to that message.

Thankfully, superintendent of schools Dr. Elliott Landon does not listen to them.

He has told principals and teachers at all levels to integrate Obama’s message into their lessons on Tuesday — or whenever they believe it is appropriate.  The speech will be available on school TVs, streamed on computers, and taped if desired.

Dr. Landon trusts teachers to handle the president’s speech in the manner in which it is given:  intelligently.  His staff, he knows, will lead objective discussions of it, at age-appropriate levels.

Or they may not use it at all.  They’re professionals; they know how to handle math, science, phys ed, spelling, history, and presidential addresses.

Some people say President Obama wants to “indoctrinate” young people.

Dr. Landon knows this not about indoctrination; it’s about access to information.  In other words:  It’s a perfect moment for education.