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Pope Francis, According To Paul Baumann

Writing in the Wall Street Journal last Saturday — and riffing off something the novelist Walker Percy supposedly said — Paul Baumann noted that the next pope “should be a bit of a Californian.”

Paul Baumann

Paul Baumann

By that, Baumann– editor of Commonweal (the oldest independent lay-edited Catholic opinion journal in the US), and a 1969 Staples graduate — meant that Rome must be willing “to think anew about once settled understandings of sexual morality and about how the church is governed.”

The future, Baumann wrote 4 days before a new pope was selected,

will surprise us as much as Benedict XVI’s resignation did. Rome should prepare to be joyously surprised by what is new, for that is what the church’s founder promised.

So was Baumann surprised — joyously or otherwise — by the choice of Pope Francis?

Not completely.

“It looks as though the cardinals went with a colleague they felt they knew well,” the Commonweal editor said of the runner-up at the previous conclave.

“Pope Francis appears to be very conservative theologically, much in the manner of John Paul II. His election is another reminder of how insular the hierarchy remains, but that should not be much of a surprise either.”

So what does Francis’s election mean for local Catholics? “Steady as she goes, I imagine,” the Westport native said.

However, he added, “the new pope’s emphasis on the problems of the poor might mean that American Catholics generally will be asked to do more on social justice issues.”


Paul Baumann Presses The President

The email came Tuesday, June 30.

“Apologies for the late notice,” the  National Security Council press aide wrote.  But could Paul Baumann meet with President Obama a few days later, prior to his meeting with the pope in Rome?

Baumann said he’d rearrange his schedule.  No apology necessary.

Paul Baumann

Paul Baumann

The 1969 Staples graduate — now editor of Commonweal, the nation’s leading lay Catholic opinion journal — had no idea what to expect.  Arriving at the West Wing of the White House last Thursday, he found 7 other religion journalists.  Each would ask 1 question.  They divided topics, to cover as much ground as possible.

After they were ushered into the Roosevelt Room, next to the Oval Office, the president entered. He greeted each person with a handshake, then sat at the middle of the conference table directly across from Baumann.

The intimate meeting lasted 45 minutes.  During his turn Baumann — a star soccer player at Staples and Wesleyan University — asked how he could get an invitation to play basketball with the president.  Obama laughed, and said Reggie Love — his assistant who won a national championship at Duke — would have to check out Baumann’s game.

Turning serious, Baumann asked about a group of pro-life and abortion rights activists that the administration has brought together to find common ground.  Obama reiterated the key points of his Notre Dame commencement speech, saying that despite one level of “irreducible difference,” both sides can work together to reduce the number of abortions.

Baumann found the president to be “friendly, responsive, articulate, thoughtful, and eager to put people at ease.  He was very comfortable talking about Catholic stuff, and very sincere when talking about religion generally. Aside from abortion and a few other issues, he ‘speaks Catholic’ well, especially when discussing social justice teachings.”

Baumann — who has a master of the arts of religion degree from Yale — adds:  “He is quite aware that he has become something of a proxy figure, as either a villain or a hero, in the long-running battle between so-called liberal and so-called conservative Catholics.”

And, says Baumann, “I’d be happy to return to the Roosevelt Room any time.  On even shorter notice.”