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Garelick & Herbs: “Filled With Gratitude For 27 Amazing Years”

Paola and Jason — longtime owners of Garelick & Herbs — send this message to the “06880” community:

We are filled with gratitude for 27 amazing years of business serving the Westport community. We have grown together sharing in many joyful celebrations, milestones and the inevitable sad moments.

Our first store opened 27 years ago at 1799 Post Road East, where we grew (and later outgrew) the location. After 24 years we took a leap of faith to purchase and build an urban, modern-style store, with ample space to continue growing our in-store and catering businesses for years to come.

We also added a secondary commissary bakery and kitchen in the lower level of our existing building. Our new location at 3611 Post Road, Southport is a stop light away from our original store locate (2 stores down from Michaels and Home Goods).

Garelick & Herbs’ interior, in Southport.

As we were building our new Southport store, we were approached by Gault to entertain opening a satellite shop in their tastefully built shopping plaza in Saugatuck. We fell in love with the space and were very excited, as we have always had an affinity for Westport. Many of our loyal customers who live closer to Saugatuck/Norwalk had always wished we were closer to their homes.

Our high hopes were that this location would allow us to accommodate our client base, and also have a store presence in our home town of Westport. However, we soon discovered parking was limited for our needs, as we share approximately 12 spots with 2 other stores in the plaza.

Although there is additional parking in the underground garage behind the building as well as the commuter lot, many people are unaware. Some feel it is inconvenient.

We also found the area to be saturated with restaurants and food shops, limiting reasons other than food to attract more daily traffic in the area.

The Saugatuck location.

On the upside, it is a seasonal area with quaint charm that lends itself to walking, which brought more activity during the summer months.

Lastly, many of our customers who frequent the Saugatuck location also shop in our Southport store regularly. We therefore decided to not renew after our 5-year lease expired.

We will always have an allegiance to Westport, with our dedication to serve our customers, the community, schools and places of worship. We are committed to being an integral part of many happy moments of celebration, wonderful charities and community events.

In the meantime, we have very exciting embellishments in progress at our Southport flagship store.

A “Market Place” with various food vendors consisting of fresh meat, fish, cheese, and florist designer will be partnering with G & H in the coming months. Our concept is to bring together local community-based businesses, while making a one-stop convenient shopping experience.

Our vision and business direction has always been driven by our customers’ needs and requests. We are local, fresh and convenient, with sustainable local businesses collaborating to serve surrounding communities.

We have also expanded our catering and now operate at the Westport Inn, as well as Norwalk (Mora Mora and Wall Street Theater), Fairfield  (Birdcraft Sanctuary) and Bridgeport (Redline Restorations warehouse). Expansion to New York City is on the horizon!

We are humble, hard-working and grateful people who know we could not do all this without the support of amazing customers, dedicated employees and G-d’s/universe light upon us and all the people we serve.

With that, although we are no longer married, we are dedicated to each other, our children and our business. All of which will never falter.

Paola & Jason