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Roundup: Waste; Kendig & Colbert; Golf, Tennis & Basketball …


Don’t just talk the environmental talk. Walk it.

And learn how this Monday (July 26, 7 p.m., Wakeman Town Farm). A panel discussion on “Attainable Sustainable: Simple Steps to Reducing Wasteful Everyday Habits” will give you the tools you need to create meaningful change.

The even is moderated by State Senator Will Haskell. Participants include Peter Boyd (Yale School of the Environment), Haley Schulman (Food Rescue US), Brad Kerner (“public health expert turned low-waster”), and Andrew Colabella (Westport RTM and Environment Committee member).

Click here for tickets.


Westpor’s Emmy-nominated list keeps growing.

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” senior producer — and 2000 Staples High School graduate — Paige Kendig was part of the show’s nomination for “Outstanding Variety Talk Series,” while its live election special is up for an Emmy as “Outstanding Variety Special.”

Paige joins several other local nominees. Soon there will be a category for “American Town With Most Emmys.”

“Late Show with Stephen Colbert” senior producer Paige Kendig and the show’s star, as they interviewed President-Elect Joe Biden in December.


The Westport Police Department is good neighbors with their across-Jesup-Road friends, the Gillespie Center.

On July 31 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Stop & Shop), the department will hold a food drive for the Center, and its umbrella organization Homes with Hope.

Items needed include canned meats, tuna, salmon, Spam, pasta and sauces, chili, hot and cold cereal, canned fruit, canned and dry soups, peanut butter, jelly, mac & cheese, granola bars, pancake mix, syrup and mayonnaise


Congratulations to Manna Toast.

The popular Church Lane restaurant — which opened last year in the middle of the pandemic — hosted an outdoor dinner the other day, to celebrate its 1st birthday.

One of the guests is a very loyal customer: 118 visits!

Manna Toast’s anniversary dinner.


Connecticut’s Summer at the Museum program is great. Anyone 18 and under, plus an accompanying adult, visit participating museums free of charge through September 6.

Among those museums: MoCA Westport.

The summer exhibition, Élan Vital, features 11 artists working in a range of mediums, including painting, drawing, prints, sculpture, ceramics and site-specific installation work There are 2 other exhibits too: “Unfit for Print” and “Love Wins,” plus high school works in the Congressional Art Competition. Click here for details.


Foursomes are still available for the Westport Weston Family YMCA’s fundraising golf tournament on August 2 (Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Weston).

There’s lunch at 11 a.m.; a shotgun start at noon, and a cocktail reception, dinner and awards at 4:30.

The event includes hole-in-one and putting contests, a $20 pro shop credit, gifts, prizes, and beverages.

Click here to register. Questions? Call 203-226-8981 ext. 104, or email bmarazzi@westporty.org.


Speaking of sports: Congratulations to Tighe Brunetti of Staples High School. The rising senior — a member of the state champion Wreckers’ team — has been named USA Today’s state Boys  Tennis Player of the Year.

Tighe Brunetti


Speaking still of sports: Yesterday’s “Roundup” gave a shoutout to Marc Lasry. The Westport hedge fund billionaire is co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, new National Basketball Association champions.

The team may play 1,000 from here. But — as Google’s aerial view shows — his Greens Farms property includes a full-size basketball court.

With the slogan all of Wisconsin (and now the NBA) knows well: “Fear the Deer”!


Today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo proves there is life in even the most unlikely places.

(Photo/Diane Yormark)


And finally … happy 48th birthday to Rufus Wainwright!

Paige Kendig Produces This Morning

Paige Kendig was hired 4 days after she applied to the CBS News page program.

That’s a company record. And it had nothing to do with the fact that Paige was a page.

The 2000 Staples High School grad has been with CBS News ever since.

She started as “The Early Show” weatherman (and Weston resident) David Price‘s assistant. Her tasks ranged from getting his coffee and walking his dog, to traveling around the world with him and learning to be a producer.

Paige was always a quick study.

Paige Kendig, at the 2008 presidential inauguration.

“I spent the summer before sophomore year in high school in Kenya,” the former ski team member, diver, lacrosse player and Peer Advisor says. “That piqued my interest in the world. But I was too young to grasp everything.”

At Colgate she double majored in peace and conflict studies, and anthropology. Her thesis was on Rwandan genocide.

Though David Price was not a hard-hitting journalist, “I asked the producers questions like a 3-year-old,” Paige recalls. “They took me under their wing, and taught me.”

During Katrina, Paige sat in a small room for hours, watching feeds. She wanted to be ready for the next hurricane.

Four years ago, she was promoted to producer. Working with “Early Show” anchor Harry Smith, Paige started with light stories. But she moved on to the Gulf oil spill, presidential debates and the Haiti earthquake.

Every day is different. There are stories to plan, camera crews to assign, interviews to arrange and conduct, footage to log, scripts to write.

Paige Kendig is “CBS This Morning” cultural correspondent Wynton Marsalis’ producer. She touches up his makeup, as Paul Simon — yes, that Paul Simon — looks on.

Last January, the “Early Show” morphed into “CBS This Morning.” It was envisioned as more news-oriented than other morning offerings. Paige now works with co-anchor Charlie Rose.

And “work” is the right word.

One Saturday, the staff decided to interview King Abdullah II of Jordan. By Thursday, Paige was on a plane to the Mideast.

She’d had just 4 days to devise a 100-page document envisioning the entire trip. Who else would be interviewed? Where? She also helped create 80 or so questions for the king.

Paige Kendig in Iraq.

How does Paige know what to do?

“I don’t!” she laughs. “A lot of this you make up as you go along.”

Highlights of her career include 2 trips to Iraq. “I have such huge respect for the military,” she says. “It was incredible meeting people my age, who dedicate their lives to this.”

Brad Pitt’s interview was exciting. But nothing compares to her “dream story”: a sit-down with President Obama in the White House.

“That was amazing,” Paige says. “It was so rewarding. Producing a presidential interview had been my goal, and there I was.”

Being a morning show producer means insane, unpredictable  hours — and lots of them.

President Obama posed with Paige Kendig, and her CBS crew, following this summer’s interview. (Official White House Photo/Pete Souza)

“Your personal life can suffer,” Paige notes. “But I’m still young. I can hop on a plane just like that.”

Being young, she’s still got plenty of goals. Being a “60 Minutes” producer would be great. Right now, though, Paige is loving “CBS This Morning,” and taking each show one day at a time.

One action-packed, unpredictable, newsworthy day at a time.

(One of Paige’s projects is “Note to Self” — a series in which famous people write letters to their “younger” selves. Click here for a recent clip that kept Paige working until 3 a.m.)