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Friday Flashback #235

Last week’s Friday Flashback of the Pack Roads men’s store stirred plenty of memories.

And though Fred Cantor sent this newspaper clipping in a while ago, it fits now.

The photo caption from the October 21, 1965 Town Crier describes the scene: junior high musicians playing to celebrate an extension being built in the back of a downtown store.

The photo has everything: music, nostalgia (The Remarkable Book Shop) — and there in the background is Pack Roads!

This photo is timely today. Two book stores opened recently downtown: Barnes & Noble, and Westport Book Shop.

Four members of band are still around. Trace Burroughs is a noted artist (and host, with his brother Miggs, of a popular Westport Library podcast). Rick Castillo lives in Norwalk, Chip Jackson in New York, and Tony Pryor in North Carolina. All are still involved in music.

And while the event back in the mid-’60s heralded the expansion of a downtown business, nearly 60 years later Main Street and beyond is undergoing its own renaissance.

Play it again, Rogues!

BONUS FEATURE: After last week’s Friday Flashback, Peter Barlow sent me a dramatic photo he’d taken of Pack Roads back in the ’60s. I added it to the story, but it’s worth posting again:

(Photo/Peter Barlow)

[UPDATE] Friday Flashback #234

A Friday Flashback in December showed a very cool magazine ad from 1964: a Pontiac Bonneville parked in the driveway by Chez Pierre (more recently, Tavern on Main).

Mark Mellor — whose dad was a noted illustrator, and whose stepmother Shirley Mellor owned Max’s Art Supplies — said the ad was drawn by Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman, top car artists of the 1960s and ’70s.

Elaine Marino found 2 more examples of their work. These were done using the small shopping center just north of Parker Harding Plaza.

Today’s it’s primarily offices. But back in the days of muscle cars, it was home to thriving shops like Pack Roads, a men’s store.

Of course just like in 2021, people parked wherever they wanted.

BONUS FEATURE: Native Westporter Peter Barlow sent along this wonderful photo he took of Pack Roads from the same time.

(Photo/Peter Barlow)