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What Happens In Maine, Doesn’t Stay In Maine

Last week, the  New York Times reported on a surge in armed pharmacy robberies.  The story focused on Maine, but the trend is nationwide:  More than 1800 times in the past 3 years, people seeking opioid painkillers have held up drugstores.

Westport is no different from Bingham, Rockland or Lewiston, Maine — or Satellite Beach, Florida; North Highlands, California and Tulsa, Oklahoma, also cited in the Times story.

Last Friday, a knife-wielding man robbed CVS of the prescription painkillers Fentanyl and Duragesic.  It was 5:45 a.m., and he escaped out the back door, a few steps from the pharmacy.

It’s no secret that some Westporters rely heavily on painkillers — whether they need them or not. 

Now, it turns out, our town is not immune from the secondary effects of opioid addiction either.

A photo of the armed robber in the CVS store. The man is described as 5-5, approximately 200 pounds. If you have information about the crime, call the Westport Police at 203-341-6080.