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Downtown Trees: Enjoy Them Now

While Westport wonders about the fate of the cherry trees in front of the now-abandoned downtown Y — they’ll probably end up like George Washington’s — JP Vellotti is thinking about a different species.

These stand handsomely on the small rise at the corner of Church Lane and Elm Street:

Downtown trees

Though the nearby Kemper Gunn House will soon be moved to the Baldwin parking lot, these trees will most likely not go with them. They’ll make way for the Bedford Square retail/residential/office complex, whose construction begins soon.

JP wondered if — thanks to their location — they are elms.

They are not. He learned they are Norway Maples — a common street tree, he says, “but one that Columbia University’s forestry department calls an invasive species.”

Cherry trees, Norway maples, and whatever else is downtown: JP advises, “enjoy ’em while we got ’em.”