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Pogue’s Perfect Proposal

David Pogue is a genius.

But Wednesday night, the talented, very prolific (and longtime Westport resident) tech genius blew by Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Steven Spielberg — combined.

He’s been dating Nicki Dugan, a wonderful woman with whom he quickly fell in love.

There was one small problem: She lives in San Francisco.

Technology solves many problems — it helped sustain their long-distance relationship — but David wanted more.

He wanted to marry Nicki.

He also wanted to propose in the most Poguian way possible.

David Pogue, in a typical pose.

So he hired a crew of actors — including a man and woman who looked like himself and Nicki.

He found an NYU film director. He wrote a script. He scouted locations.

Then he wrote a movie trailer, about a man who falls in love with a woman. He connived to show it at a movie theater in Vermont, where he and Nicki were on vacation.

As only David can manage, the voiceover is done by the real guy who’s intoned “In a world…” many times over.

But, as a film doctor — okay, Marty Floch — tells “Nicki”: “You live 3,000 miles from him.”

And, as “David” tells a buddy — walking along the Saugatuck River — “I’d rather have an angel from heaven half the time…”

The real Nicki Dugan.

Around this time, Nicki figured what was up. We can tell — I should mention that David has posted the “trailer” — because in the lower right corner, we can see Nicki’s reaction. We can see all this, because David — I told you he’s a genius — hid a camera in a ficus plant to record her reaction.

She said yes!

As she did, the audience — and the actors, in the trailer — cheered lustily.

The trailer must be seen to be believed. There has to be an Oscar-worthy category for it, somewhere.

And I’d say that even if I didn’t have my own cameo role in all this, just 44 seconds in when “Nicki” first appears on screen.

Congratulations, David and Nicki! May you have a long, wonderful life together.

And I can’t wait to see the wedding video!

(Click here to view the trailer. In a typical David Pogue flourish, it comes from “Happiest Man Alive Productions.”)

The real David and Nicki, with the fake trailer playing behind them.