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Fairfield County Reflections: The Frog In The Water

I don’t remember much from my high school biology class.

But I do remember the “frog in boiling water” story.

If you put a frog in boiling water, supposedly it jumps out. Yet if the temperature is tepid, then gradually increased, the frog boils to death.

Our country is that frog. And the water is boiling.

Yesterday, Congressman Jim Himes posted a series of tweets. “Catching my breath after the attack on the Capitol,” he began, “I’m reflecting on all that we have to do.”

He mentioned “Lectern and Viking Guy” — the insurrectionists who stole a lectern and were dressed in a fur hat and horns, respectively — as well as “a deranged President.”

Lectern and Viking guy.

But it was the next tweet that was astonishing.

Maybe it shouldn’t have been. I know there are people who are absolutely convinced the election was stolen. I know they believe Joe Biden is doddering, that the government is filled with pedophiles, and that a communist/socialist deep state is quietly taking over.

Still, I thought those people with those out-there views are “out there.” They live in Michigan and Mississippi and Montana. They don’t live here.

Well, they do.

Maybe this stuff is boiling all around me, and I don’t know it. Maybe I’m the frog in the water.

Congressman Jim Himes, at Bedford Middle School.

Congressman Himes said he’d received a copy of a letter from a New Canaan parent, whose child’s teacher had offered suggestions on how to talk to kids about the attack.

Those suggestions triggered the parent.

Well, reading the parent’s screed triggered me. The venom, misinformation, paranoia — and fear — that leaped off the screen made my nauseous. Furious. And scared.

“Every sentence is provably untrue and filled with hate and violence,” Himes noted.

Yet there they were, written by a fellow constituent, in an affluent suburb similar to mine, just 10 minutes away.

Here is what the parent said to the principal:

I write you very much as a dedicated, incredible principal whom my daughter is very fond of.

However, perhaps Dr. “Ignorance is Bliss” should discuss how millions of hard working, patriots were disenfranchised at the hands of an overt subversive, political takeover that featured sabotaging a presidential election by fraudulently placing a demented man, who couldn’t even fill an audience a fraction size of an elementary school gymnasium, along with his jezebel, to the highest office. As far as I’m concerned, those disgraceful, politicians, some of whom have been proven to have ties to the CCP, got off very lightly as they should’ve faced justice at the hands of those godsend, patriots.

I don’t recall any outrage or referring to BLM & Antifa criminals as “rioters” when they ransacked the country for months, looting, raping, and pillaging over the death of a thug who we later learned at one point in his life, pointed a loaded weapon at the abdomen of a pregnant woman.

When the coward, silver spoon fed, limousine liberal, Will Haskell, from Westport, CT, and his harem of self-loathing, guilt-ridden, affluent, white liberals want to force our schools to regionalize as part of their wealth redistribution, socialist agenda, which will subject you and others on this recipients list being stuck dealing with unruly, animals in the classroom, I’m sure the likes of the previously mentioned, coward will inform the masses, with a delusional, false sense of nostalgia, just how “well” “diversity’ is working out, as New Canaan residents are ransacked and our home values are destroyed.

Until Wednesday, the Confederate flag had never been paraded through the US Capitol.

As George W. Bush famously said after Donald Trump’s inauguration “carnage” address, “Well, that was some weird shit.”

What goes through that New Canaan parent’s mind is indeed weird. It’s also dark, demonic, and terrifying as hell.

And — like the coronavirus, which we’ve all pretty much stopped talking about, even though it’s more virulent than ever — it must be all around us. Even if we can’t see it.

If someone is thinking those thoughts in New Canaan, someone is probably thinking the same thoughts in Westport.

And probably more than one someone.

Until yesterday, I thought towns like ours were immune to those sorts of ideas.

Which makes me not unlike all the people, all around, who think they are somehow immune to the pandemic.

It also makes me very similar to the poor, un-sensing – and ultimately quite dead — frog in the boiling water.

(To read all of Congressman Himes’ tweets from yesterday, click here.)