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Corey Hausman’s Safety Bill Goes National

Four years ago, Corey Hausman died after falling from his skateboard on a steep path at the University of Colorado. A freshman, he had graduated from Staples High School just 3 months earlier.

His parents and 2 older siblings mourned the loss of the bright, energetic runner and skier.

Then — determined to make something good out of the tragedy — they went to work.

They formed College911. The non-profit helps prepare college students for medical emergencies, while improving campus safety.

Corey’s mother Nanette spearheaded an effort in the Connecticut General Assembly to make universities safer, by ensuring that serious incidents are included in their safety reports.

Corey Hausman and his mother Nanette.

Now the initative has gone national.

Connecticut Representatives Jim Himes and Joe Courtney introduced House Bill 8406 this year. The “COREY Safety Act of 2022” would require colleges nationwide to report campus accidents that result in the serious injury or death of students.

They include “transportation incidents (on foot, bikes, scooters, skateboards, longboards or cars), ground level and high height slips and falls, alcohol or drug overdoses and choking or drowning,” ABC News says.

The bill’s name is an acronym for the College Operational Reporting of Emergencies Involving Teens and Young Adults. Of course, it’s also an homage to Corey Hausman.

Last week, it was referred to the House Committee on Education and Labor.

The Hausmans say that CU knew the area where Corey was skateboarding was unsafe. In addition, he was taken to a community care center after his accident — but died 7 hours later. A transfer to a Level 1 trauma facility was not considered.

Nanette Hausman says that right now, colleges are required to report only crimes and fires. However, accidents are the leading cause of college deaths.

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Corey Hausman (center) with his brothers Lucas (left) and Casey.

Unsung Hero #196

Less than 3 years ago, the Hausman family suffered an unspeakable tragedy.

Three months after graduating from Staples High School, Corey — the youngest boy — died from what began as a skateboarding accident at the University of Colorado. 

The Hausmans’ life changed forever. Now — thanks in large part to Corey’s mom Nanette — other lives may not change in that tragic way.

Aimee Monroy Smith writes:

This past legislative session, Nanette Hausman spearheaded an effort to make colleges and universities safer, by ensuring that serious safety incidents are included as part of their safety reports.

Corey Hausman (center) with Lucas (left) and Casey (right): “The Brothers.”

This effort required the arduous process of finding legislators to sponsor a bill (which Annette did with our 2 state senators, Will Haskell and Tony Hwang). and advocating for it throughout committee hearings and chamber votes.

Every year, many good bills are raised but never get through the process. They either die in committee, or on a chamber calendar.

Nanette’s advocacy not only brought the bill to a floor vote on the last day of this session; she also galvanized the support of Jason Rojas, the majority leader and likely the most sought after individual on that hectic last day.

Nanette’s advocacy and compassion are remarkable. As someone who has worked in government relations for 20 years, I am inspired by her efforts. They serve as an important reminder about the power of a parent’s story.

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