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Could Better Fertilizer Save The Sound?

David Jones is a 1971 Staples High School graduate. He writes:

Sitting at my post as a Compo Beach lifeguard 50 years ago, water pollution — or anything to do with climate change — was not on my radar. All I thought about was what time do I get off my shift, and when can I get to Ye Olde Bridge Grille?

I spent hours looking at Long Island Sound as a job, never realizing how beautiful it was.

Half a century later, I am all about protecting Mother Earth.

David Jones

A while ago, I was approached with an idea: What if we got rid of traditional granular fertilizer that is filled with chemicals and salts, and has the capacity to blow up half of Beirut (which it did)?

It was an interesting concept. I am now on the advisory board of NTP Technologies. We can save our planet.

Our machine injects pure nitrogen into tap water, creating a fertilizer with no “icky” stuff,

I got a D- in chemistry at Staples. But I realize that no fertilizer runoff in your water tables, aquifers and of course Long Island Sound is a very good thing.

Right now we have a patent and orders on the books. But we need investors, to build out our manufacturing and scalability.

My neighbor Paul Newman used to say, “you only go around once. Do the right thing.” Let’s do this right, Westport!

(To learn more, email djones@NTPtechnologies.com, or call David Jones: 401-500-3256.)