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Andy, Come Home!

“06880” is not in the habit of posting “lost dog” stories. (Main reason: Not enough dogs read this blog.)

However, Andy’s tale rises above the usual ho-hum threshold. It is, as we in the news biz say, a “dog bites man” story.


Andy — a corgi — was lost around 10 p.m. New Year’s Eve on Guard Hill Road, off Clinton Avenue. Owner Michael Ghiggeri believes he was scared off by the fireworks.

Rather than post “lost dog” flyers on telephone poles, Michael posted on Facebook. Someone shared that on a “Greenwich Mountain Lion” page — who knew? — which drew the attention of News 12 Connecticut. Because it was a slow news day there (as it is here), they did a piece on Andy.

That prompted even more Facebook posts. Strangers poured out of the woods to help. One woman drove an hour, to search on foot. Another drove over with her pajama-clad children sleeping in the back seat.

Donations have poured in, from as far as Florida. One friend even offered $1,000 in reward money.

Michael credits the response to simple reasons: “Pet lovers can relate. Especially corgi lovers — one woman had a corgi with the same markings.”

In addition, people who “personally know Andy” are moved. “He has a unique disposition,” Michael says. “He loves everyone. Instead of barking, he literally ‘woofs.’ He’s just the smartest, easiest, best dog.”

Michael’s wife is a professional horse trainer. At shows up and down the East Coast, he became well known. Horse farms are contributing reward money too.

“Facebook is still growing,” Michael reports. He and his group have passed info along to mailmen, UPS guys, utility workers and dog walkers. They’ve also contacted the Humane Society, animal control and media outlets.

Andy is not wearing a collar. But an embedded microchip provides information on his identity.

“Andy is 11,” Michael notes. “He can hear, but we think it is going. Also, he has cataracts.”

So he definitely will not be reading this post.

But you are. If you see Andy, call 908-399-9428 or email mjghiggeri@yahoo.com.