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Sidewalks And Snow

Clearing sidewalks of snow is not just courtesy.

It’s the law.

Here’s what it says (thanks, RTM moderator Eileen Flug!):

“Sec. 50-407. – Business use sidewalks—Snow and ice removal.
The owner or person in possession and control of any property adjoining any business use sidewalk shall provide for the removal of snow and ice from such business use sidewalk within 24 hours after the deposit or formation of snow or ice.”

Here’s the definition of “business use sidewalk”:
“Business use sidewalk means any adjoining sidewalk abutting a public street located in any district in which business uses are permitted under the Planning and Zoning Regulations of the Town. The term “sidewalk” shall include curbing, integral, adjoining or detached, and that portion of the pedestrian walkway which crosses a driveway.”

Alert “06880” reader Molly Alger knows at least one property owner who has not complied:


I wonder where that poor guy is going to go in a couple of yards.