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What’s Next? Westporters Meet On Monday

Congressman Jim Himes will join what seems to be a large group in Westport tomorrow (Monday, December 17, 11 a.m., Christ & Holy Trinity Church).

The meeting is a spontaneous reaction to Friday’s horror in Newtown.

According to Meg Staunton:

“Friday was a tragic day. We are all still reeling from the devastating news. As parents and members of this community, we feel the heartbreak for these families and the community at large. The internet and social network sites are abuzz with questions of ‘what can we do?’

Newtown hopeInstead of sitting back and feeling hopeless, a group of concerned parents from many districts in Fairfield County (Fairfield, Westport, Weston, Wilton) have decided to come together  to address this very issue: What can we do as parents to ensure the safety of our children?

“For some, this means addressing what is being done at the local level. For others it’s a question of national legislation on gun safety laws.

“We have invited the head of the CT Coalition Against Gun Violence to join our
group. We are delighted that he is available and willing. The purpose of our initial meeting is to come up with some immediate actionable items and next steps.”