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Library Meets Its Makers

The Westport Public Library is very popular. It’s definitely cool.

And incredibly innovative.

Its latest project is a new Maker Space, on the main level. Designed as a venue for creativity and production, it’s the 1st of its kind at any library in Connecticut.

The Maker movement — introduced in April at the Library, with a fair that attracted over 2200 people — is a reaction to a long historic period in which innovation and invention were reserved for specialists. As more individuals become inventors, Maker Faires and Spaces are popping up everywhere.

Though not yet in any Connecticut library.

Except ours.

The Westport Library Maker Space will be a place for anyone — and everyone — to create content as well as consume it.

Why the library? According to a press release, the Maker Space — like a library — is “an incubator for ideas and ventures.

“In this era of hands-on learning and interaction, libraries should provide experiences that take people from imagining to actually producing.”

And for those Westporters — you know who you are — who think the town spends too much money on unnecessary “stuff,” Maker movements are seen as economic engines. They encourage entrepreneurs to emerge and thrive.

The Westport Library’s 1st Maker project is the construction of two 15-foot wooden airplanes. Maker-in-residence and builder Joseph Schott invites anyone interested to help him craft these planes this summer. (Two random people have wandered in already, and joined him.)

Additional planning is underway. Library programs will feature talks by “Makers,” including a Westporter who made his own life-sized functional robot.

Also ahead: the purchase of a 3D printer (to print 3-dimensional objects from digital files).

The Westport Library will discuss all this — and more — at a press conference next Monday (July 2, 11:30 a.m.).

Can’t “make it” there? No problem. Our uber-technologically savvy library will live stream the event, at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/makers.

(For highlights of last April’s Mini Maker Faire, click the YouTube video below.)