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Roundup: Intensity, Longevity …

The ad said: “INTENSITY — everything must go!” 

Westporters worried that the tennis/squash/fitness/dance center just over the Norwalk line would close. 

Racquet sports are still there. But the health and fitness component is changing.

Clair Mason, owner of Elliptica, and co-owner of Intensity — says that the health and fitness industry has changed. COVID, and the rise of paddle and pickleball, provided an opportunity to remodel both businesses.

Elliptica developed a virtual offering, with a class and partnership with a machine manufacturer. 

And all Intensity fitness classes are now under the Elliptica brand at a new (and nearby) location: 345 Post Road West, Westport. They include barre, Herman Walker Body Design System, dance fitness, bodypump, Pilates, bootcamps and more. For more information on Elliptica, click here

On January 1, Intensity became a racquets-only club. There are 6 indoor tennis courts, 4 squash courts, 4 pickleball courts and 2 new paddle courts. A warming hut opens soon. For more information on Intensity racquets, click here

Clair Mason owns both Elliptica and Intensity.


Speaking of fitness: For Peloton, COVID was just what the doctor ordered.

The stationary bike company’s sales surged during the pandemic. With gyms closed, home workouts — which Peloton delivered, via its equipment and streaming platforms — were the only game in town (or anywhere else).

Since 2018, Peloton had a retail presence here. The Main Street store — one of the few of its 80-plus outlets not in a mall — closed temporarily, along with nearly every other retailer.

It reopened (though supply chain issues made it difficult to meet the enormous demand for bikes and treadmills).

This coming Sunday, it will close for good. The decision is part of an “aggressive” reduction in retail stores (and, last summer, the elimination of roughly 780 employees.

Peloton’s fortunes crashed as quickly as they rose. As COVID eased, people returned to the gym.

The Main Street tenant before Peloton sold Sperry boat shoes. There is no word on what kind of business — sports and leisure-related, or not — will replace it.


Speaking still of fitness: Longevity Westport — the center offering non-invasive, quick and very sophisticated testing of muscle mass, bone density, metabolism, cardiovascular health, oxygen consumption and more — opened on Post Road East in 2021.

But — true to their name — they may be the business with the longest time before hosting an official ribbon-cutting.

It’s set for this Saturday (January 21, 1835 Post Road East). First Selectwoman Jen Tooker does the honors at 1 p.m.

She’ll be followed by 3 speakers: Ralph Esposito, a naturopathic physician and head of nutrition at Athletic Greens; Atlas Nutrition chiropractic physician Dr. Beth Atlas, and Sherpa Westport’s Jean Paul Desrosiers.

All will offer specials for customers. In addition, Longevity will provide 50% off a second test, with the purchase of a full price test (and 20% off a bundle package).

There’s food too. Healthy, of course.

Inside Longevity. The DEXA scan machine is at left.


Hard to believe, but Westport Book Shop is 2 years old.

The used book store (and much more) honors the milestone with several community events.

A Volunteer Appreciation Celebration is set for January 28 (10:30 a.m. to noon), at the Westport Library across Jesup Green from the shop.

A “Show Your Love” competition offers a $50 Westport Book Shop gift card. Just film a short video showing why you love the Book Shop, then post it on social media.

Every entrant receives a free vinyl record, CD or book of their choice from the current inventory ($6 or less). The deadline is 6 p.m. January 27. Click here for details, and the entry form.

Meanwhile, story time for kids at the Book Shop runs on Saturday and Sunday, January 28-29. Call for details: 203-952-0070.


Westport favorite Melissa Newman — one of our own — headlines this week’s Jazz at the Post (Thursday, January 19; shows at 7:30 and 8:45 p.m.; dinner from 7 p.m.; $15 cover; reservations strongly suggested: JazzatthePost@gmail.com).

Joining Melissa: guitarist Tony Lombardozzi, bassist Phil Bowler and drummer Arti Dixson.


PFAS chemicals in the Weston water supply?

On this week’s “What’s Next in Weston?” podcast, 1st Selectwoman Sam Nestor describes how her town has addressed the issue, with remediation and clean water for every family.

The bi-weekly series is produced by the Y’s Men of Westport and Weston. Click below to listen:


Aspetuck Land Trust’s first “Lunch and Learn” webinar of 2023 is called “Landscapes for Better Living.”

On January 27 (noon to 1 p.m.), Jay Archer of Green Jay Landscape Design will discuss how ecological landscape design, organic horticulture and land stewardship can improve human health (and save the planet).

In addition to designing, building, managing and maintaining beautiful, natural ecosystems and plantscapes, Archer has taught, lectured and consulted with organizations from NYBG and The Institute for Ecosystem Studies to the Native Plant Center, Nature Conservancy and Audubon International.

For more information and to register, click here.

One of Jay Archer’s ecological landscapes.


Many “Westport … Naturally” photos are gorgeous.

This one isn’t.

A reader who lives nearby writes: “I saw these giant birds in the dumpsters behind Gaetano’s.

“The dumpsters are open, and so is the door on one side. There were others in a tree, walking nearby, and sitting on the roof of a house, all waiting their turn. Apparently they are black buzzards.

“I called Gaetano’s. The woman who answered said, ‘yeah, it’s been like that all week.’ I said, ‘just close the dumpsters.’ She thanked me.”


And finally … today is the birthday of Muhammad Ali. “The Greatest” boxer — and an important political activist was born in 1942. He died in 2016, age 74.


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Longevity Westport: Scanning Your Fitness Needs

I’ll live to be 101.

That’s not idle speculation. It’s the informed prediction of Longevity Westport.

You may not have heard of the place. It’s in the former Shoreline Pharmacy space, near Shake Shack and Fjord Fisheries, across from Home Goods near the Southport line.

Since opening last year, they haven’t done much promotion. They never had a ribbon-cutting.

Longevity, on the Post Road in Westport.

But people find them. And because they offer something no one else does — for many miles around — they draw clients from as far as New York.

It’s not easy to explain what Longevity does. It is, however, easy to get caught in their technical fitness training weeds.

But let me try.

Longevity offers 3 types of testing. Non-invasive, quick — but highly sophisticated — they measure things like muscle mass, bone density, metabolism, cardiovascular health, oxygen consumption and more.

On a screen and with color printouts, you can see (with Longevity’s expert help) things like skeletal strength, and where and how your muscle and fat is distributed inside your body.

For example, I have less fat and more muscle on my left side than my right, even though I’m right-handed. I’m guessing that’s because of how I breathe during my daily, hour-long swims. (That regimen may be part of why Longevity determines I’ll live past the century mark.)

Not to brag or anything, but I got an A+ on my test. Look at all that green!

Detailed knowledge like that helps you (or your personal trainer) plan workouts. No more guesswork (“Looks like you could do a bit more with your abs”).

It may also help with financial planning. If I’m going to live to be 101, I can’t spend too much on gifts this holiday season, right?

One of the 3 tests — DEXA — is the reason Simon Bland decided to open Longevity. A Greenwich CrossFit athlete, he wanted some baseline measurements. The nearest DEXA testing was an hour away.

Fairfield County is filled with fitness enthusiasts. Whether they’re triathletes or folks fitting in an hour workout before or after work; older men and women wanting to live healthily (and to 101), or teenagers dreaming of scholarships for soccer, football, baseball or softball, he realized they could benefit from knowing as much as possible about their muscle, fat and bones.

A body mass index test tells very little. A DEXA scan — with over 400 points of measurement — is much more helpful.

Inside Longevity. The DEXA scan machine is at left.

It doesn’t hurt that DEXA can also provide early warning detection for coronary artery disease, and risks of diabetes, osteoporosis and hormone imbalance.

It sounds expensive. It isn’t. Longevity charges $149 for one test, $275 for two, $399 for three.

The other tests are VO2 max and Resting Metabolic Rate. Those can be used to determine exact caloric burn, maximum oxygen usage, and target heart rate. For more details — diving deep in the weeds — ask Longevity.

Much of the science went over my head. But I was impressed with the printouts, and the depth of the analysis.

So was Ryan Smith. The ESPN anchor was leaving as I arrived. He’d just been tested.

An avid runner, he — like the owner Bland, a couple of years earlier — had been looking for a convenient place for a DEXA scan.

Yet even though Longevity has been open for nearly 2 years, and is just a mile or so from Smith’s home, until recently he had no idea it was here.

Welcome to Westport, Longevity. Long may you thrive.

I will celebrate my 101st birthday there.

(For more information on Longevity Westport, click here.)

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