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Lili The Heron Flies Free

Lili Bonora was a graceful, generous woman.

A native of Monte Carlo, an accomplished cloisonné artist and concert pianist, a gifted cook and floral arranager, she was beloved in Westport. For 28 years Lili’s Fine Food and Catering served coffee, croissants and conversation to railroad passengers on the eastbound side of the station.

Lili died in October of 2011. She left behind countless friends and admirers.

Today, Lili lives again — in the form of a yellow tufted heron.

Heron 2

Lili the heron.

Over a year ago, the graceful bird had fallen out of her nest. She was attacked by crows.

The hatchling was found, and brought to Weston’s Wildlife in Crisis. There she was  lovingly nursed back to health — supported by generous donations that had been made in Lili Bonora’s honor.

On April 16 — around what would have been Lili’s 75th birthday — Lili the heron was set free in the salt marshes of Burying Hill Beach.

Lili stood in shock. She had never been outside. All day — and on into the night — she took stock of her new surroundings. Volunteers from Wildlife in Crisis monitored her, as she made her transition.

Lili, adapting to her new surroundings. (Photos/Sarah Gross)

Lili, adapting to her new surroundings. (Photos/Sarah Gross)

The next morning, Lili was safe in a tree. By Easter Sunday she was thriving.

The good folks at Wildlife in Crisis say the hardest part is not saving animals. It’s giving them back their freedom — letting them go.

Thanks to them, Westport now has 2 wonderful Lilis to remember.

(Hat tip to Sarah Gross, for the beautiful photos and wonderful story.)


Putting The ‘Cafe’ Back In The Brook

Lili might be taking the “cafe” in Cedar Brook Cafe a bit too literally.

News that the Brook — not a cafe, but perhaps the oldest continually operating gay bar in the country — is closing tonight prompted a call from the owner of Lili’s, the breakfast food/caterer on the eastbound platform of the Saugatuck railroad station.

She said she’s happy to offer her space to patrons of the Cedar Brook.  There’s plenty of parking at night, and she serves great food.

(She has no liquor license, so patrons would have to BYOB.)

I told Lili that the Cedar Brook is not really a cafe — it’s a gay dance club.

“They can dance here,” she said.

Lili would love to talk further with anyone interested in resurrecting the Cedar Brook at her place.  Her phone number is 203-434-1205.