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Playing For Leukemia

At age 7, Rachael Shapiro had her 1st piano lesson.  Immediately after, she gave her parents a “concert.”  The results were predictable.

Rachael Shapiro

Rachael Shapiro

But Rachael was serious.  She studied and practiced.  Today the Staples freshman is a fine classical pianist.

Like most musicians, she loves sharing her music.  Like far fewer, she has found a way to share it and make money.  But not for herself — Rachael’s music is raising funds for a great cause.

On Saturday, June 20 (7:30 p.m.) at the Steinway Piano Gallery (Post Road, next to the fire station),  Rachael performs a benefit concert for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  The cause is special:  Her great-grandfather died of a blood disorder.  He had an enormous influence on her life.  It was her idea to honor him this way.

“Forgive me for being a proud father,” says Rachael’s dad Warren.  “But to her, playing the piano is about performing for others.  If you come to this recital you will hear some pretty good classical music.  And you will see a kid taking great joy in playing it.”

(Reservations are required.  Donations may be made in advance:  suggested $20 adults, $15 students.  Send checks [“Leukemia and Lymphoma Society”] to:  Rachael Shapiro, 27 Park La., Westport, CT 06880.  Include number of attendees and e-mail.  For information call 203-227-5057, or email shapiro.piano@gmail.com)