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Merry Christmas From … The Clam Box?!

Westporter Victoria Kann — author and illustrator of the Pinkalicious series — gave JP Vellotti a very interesting Christmas ornament:

Clam Box Christmas ornament

Westporters of a certain vintage recognize it immediately. The Clam Box was a Westport institution for decades, on the Post Road near the Exit 18 connector. Today, it’s Bertucci’s.

This trip down memory lane raises interesting questions: Were these ornaments a custom, back in the day? Did other Westport restaurants hand them out too? Does anyone have one from La Normandie? Cafe Barna? The Townly?

No? Well, okay. How about one from Bertucci’s?

Driving Back In Time With The SCCA

Matt Murray is a 28-year member of the Sports Car Club of AmericaSo he knows 2014 is its 70th anniversary of the enormous auto racing organization.

He also knows it started in Westport.

Digging into its history, he found the location may have been 1276 Post Road East. That’s near the Turkey Hill South corner — near where the Big & Tall Men’s Shop is. (I’ve never been there.) (Go figure.)

Matt thinks it might have been a bit further east though — perhaps where La Normandie restaurant sat in the late 1950s and early ’60s. (Later, among other names, a restaurant called Beethoven.) (Now, among other places, Fast Fitness.)

Inside La Normandie restaurant. (Photo courtesy of CardCow.com)

Inside La Normandie restaurant. (Photo courtesy of CardCow.com)

Matt would love to hear any stories, and find photos, about the SCCA’s time in Westport. If you have info on the SCCA/Westport connection, click “Comments.” 

One thing Matt already knows: a Westport auto racer was an SCCA member for over 30 years. Guy by the name of Paul Newman.