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Pic Of The Day #1897

Windy fun off Compo (Photo/Lauri Weiser)

Pic Of The Day #1335

Kitesurfing by the Compo cannons (Photo/Dave Briggs)

Pic Of The Day #334

Today’s strong winds were perfect for kitesurfing at Compo Beach (Photo/Nancy Lewis)

Happy Easter!

I can’t believe anyone had Easter dinner today.

Everyone was at the beach.

The best weather of the year drew enormous crowds of all ages to the playground:

Joey Romeo was everywhere — as usual — making sure his snack bar served everyone:

But the biggest attraction was a kitesurfer. For at least 2 hours, this guy whipped through the waves. He leaped 20 feet in the air. He circled far out, then zoomed close to land.

That dude has amazing upper body strength, great balance, and a sailor’s sense of the wind.

Thanks for the show!