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The Show Must Go On

When a director can’t direct a show, the associate director usually steps in.

For Staples Players director David Roth tonight, that was impossible.  Associate director Kerry Long is his wife — and she was giving birth to their 1st child.

Oh, yeah — this was opening night for the Players’ production of “Guys and Dolls.”

Players president Caley Beretta stepped into the breach.  All day long, she rallied the cast and crew.  They took care of the zillions of last-minute details that needed to be done.  They pulled together, as a true company should.  When the curtain rose, Caley was directing.

And — 17 minutes after the opening notes of the Overture began — Kerry gave birth.

Lucy Roth is a true drama queen.  In her 1st minutes on earth, she upstaged her very theatrical parents.

Staples Players' "Guys and Dolls"

Dan Shure, Max Stampa-Brown and Chris Nicoletti: 3 stars of the well-directed "Guys and Dolls." (Photo by associate director, photographer and new mother Kerry Long)