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Roundup: Julia Marino, Bistro du Soleil, Ben Esselink …


Julia Marino’s dream of a second Olympic medal ended yesterday.

The Westport snowboarder — already a silver medalist in slopestyle — pulled out of the big air qualifiers. She had fallen in practice 2 days earlier, and injured her tailbone.

That was tough news, for her millions of fans here and across the country. But that silver medal will be on display soon. Details of a townwide celebration will be released soon.

NBC’s split screen last week: Julia Marino in China, the Marino family and friends in Westport. (Screenshot/Jeanine Esposito)


“Body of Work” — an exhibit of Westport artist Ruth Kalla Ungerer’s prints and collages — opens at Bistro du Soleil this Sunday (February 20, 4 to 6 p.m.).

The show coincides with a return to indoor dining at the popular Riverside Avenue restaurant.

Ungerer asks, “Where else can you enjoy art and cuisine in such a welcoming setting? 

Works by Kalla Ungerer


Bernard Esselink of Westport, CT died earlier this month. He was 81.

His family calls Ben “a loving and generous husband, father and grandfather who was shaped by a life spent all over the globe. He was exceptional in connecting with and making others feel valued, whether family, friends or complete strangers, no matter now different from himself. His balance of humor, authenticity and willingness to serve others was an incredible gift to all of us who loved him.”

Born to Dutch parents in Indonesia, Ben earned a degree in chemical engineering from Delft University in the Netherlands. He worked for the United Nations in Thailand. before moving to Singapore and a career with Colgate-Palmolive.  He spent the remainder of his career with them, in Australia, California, South Carolina and New York.

Ben loved sailing. and was an active member of the Connecticut Orchid Society.  He was also committed to his church, and regularly involved in his local Gideons chapter.

Ben was predeceased by his wife Heleena Tjeenk Willink, daughter Karien and brother Bert. He is survived by his sons Rik and Frank, grandchildren Saskia, Philip, Marik, Bjorn, Claudia and Andreas, and nieces and nephews.

He is also survived by his wife Jean McGilvray, who he counted himself especially blessed to have met and married later in life.

A celebration of Ben’s life will be held in April.

Ben Esselink


“Westport … Naturally” celebrates Valentine’s Day with this beautiful arrangement, courtesy of Ellen Wentworth (and her dining room):

(Photo/Ellen Wentworth)


And finally … on this Valentine’s Day, there are thousands of great love songs to choose from.

Here are a few of mine, from one particular moment in time. What are yours? Click “Comments” below.