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E-Mak And ‘Roids

In the wake of Mark McGwire’s stunning, earth-shattering, no-one-ever-expected-such-a-thing admission that he actually used steroids, sports reporters across the country scrambled desperately to get a good angle on the story.

Evan Makovsky

Evan Makovsky nailed it.

The 1994 Staples graduate — now host of On the Edge, an “unfiltered, uncensored” daily sports talk radio show on St. Louis’ Team 1380 — was 1 of only 3 people in the country to interview Jose Canseco the next day.

Canseco and McGwire were teammates on the Oakland A’s.  McGwire insists that Canseco lied when he said that the two players injected each with performance-enhancing drugs in a bathroom stall.

Though Canseco bowed out of a scheduled “Larry King Live” interview — he said he was “emotionally drained,” and tired of defending himself — he spoke with Makovsky.  Their discussion included McGwire’s denial of their drug usage,  whether the Congressional-inquiry-lying “home run king” could have broken Roger Maris’s single-season record without ‘roids, and if the finally-disgraced-new-hitting-coach-for-the-St. Louis Cardinals belongs in the Hall of Fame.

As a result of the interview coup, “JT The  Brick” had Makovsky on his national Fox Sports talk show.

To hear Makovsky’s wide-ranging, sometimes surprising interview with Canseco, click here and scroll down.

Mark McGwire (left) and Jose Canseco, in a photo taken not in a bathroom stall.