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Remembering John Vornle

John Vornle von Haagenfels — a much-loved and very active Westport volunteer — died on Friday of a heart attack. He was 55. Here is his obituary:

Often referred to by family and friends as “a man bigger than life,” John was born in New York on July 22, 1958. He spent years traveling the world developing his mind and body, learning life skills that he loved to teach to those who knew him. Growing up in Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland before re-settling in the United States gave John a unique perspective on life, and living it to the fullest.

From the age of 9 to 18, John was schooled at Aiglon College in Villars, Switzerland. This experience left him with a profound love of the mountains, and an extended family with whom he kept in touch with throughout his life.

John Vornle

John Vornle

He graduated from Colgate University in 1980, and received a MBA from New York University School of Business in 1985. John was the president and managing director of Long Term Capital Company, a manager at Trust American, and a board member of the US-Austrian Chamber of Commerce. His interests included investments, private equity, business development, governance, art, music, and a passionate enthusiasm for the space industry.

John played an active role in his community. He championed many projects for teens and children. He was a troop leader for Troop 100 and the proud father of an Eagle Scout, Guerric. John was the ultimate Boy Scout, always prepared.

He also served on the Westport Youth Commission.

John is survived by his wife of 31 years, Beatrice Vornle von Haagenfels, and their 5 children: Stephanie, Nicholas, Marina, Alexandra and Guerric Vornle, and his parents, Rita and Paul Vornle.

A memorial service will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, September 18, at St. Luke Church. The family will receive friends at the Harding Funeral Home in Westport on Tuesday from 5-9 p.m.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be given to fund a memorial art commission about “communication.” It will be donated to the Westport Library with a commemorative plaque, encouraging future generations to use the facility. Checks may be made payable to The Westport Library, with  “Vornle Memorial Fund” in the memo line, or they can be made online — click here.