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Remembering Jack Donovan

Jack Donovan was not as well known as his wife Mollie.

Until her death 3 years ago, she was a tireless volunteer in a variety of causes. From the Historical Society and Westport Arts Center to the Schools’ Permanent Art Collection, everyone knew Mollie Donovan.

Jack and Mollie Donovan, on their wedding day.

Jack and Mollie Donovan, on their wedding day.

Jack was less visible, more low-key. But in his quiet, unassuming way, he too contributed to a variety of causes in town. He offered his pro bono services as an accountant to many, and he was very active — behind the scenes — helping Mollie in every project.

Jack died yesterday morning at 87. His death came the same way he lived: quietly and gently.

His son Dan — who, thanks in part to the love of Westport instilled by his parents — moved back here several years ago, with his wife and their 6 kids — passes along a story that epitomizes Jack Donovan.

“Mom lost a diamond from her wedding ring,” Dan says. “Dad submitted a claim to the insurance company and they got reimbursed.

“A year later, Mom was sweeping under the radiator in their bedroom. Lo and behold, the missing diamond was found.

“Dad promptly wrote a check to the insurance company. They called to ask why. He told them it was for the found diamond. They said no one had ever done that before — and they had no idea what to do with his check!”

Jack Donovan was honest, loyal and smart. He had impeccable integrity. He was a great Westporter and a beloved family man, with values we should all strive to emulate.

Jack Donovan, surrounded by his 12 grandchildren.

Jack Donovan, surrounded by his 12 grandchildren.