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Jon Gailmor Joins The Beatles

What do the Beatles and Jon Gailmor have in common?

You can finally get their music on iTunes.

Jon Gailmor

The Fab Four caved in November.  It took Jon — the fabulous Westport-bred singer (and former Staples Orphenian), now an official Vermont “state treasure” — a bit longer.

But his catalog is now available with the click of a mouse.

My favorite album — “Gonna Die With a Smile if it Kills Me” — includes the joyful “Woody,” the wistful “Ae Fond Kiss” (perhaps the only folk song ever written by Scottish poet Robert Burns), and the lovely “Long Ago Lady,” Jon’s elegant tribute to his adopted state of Vermont.

I know — it’s still January 1.  But Jon finally joining the 21st (iTunes) century is the best news I’ve heard all year.