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Memorial Day EMTs

“06880” reader Gladys Handelman just sent this Memorial Day story along.  It’s definitely worth waiting for:

On Monday, Gladys was watching the parade at a private home next to Town Hall.  She was on one side of a low stone wall; a senior woman was on the other, with her adult daughter.

Suddenly the daughter yelled:  “Mom, are you alright?”  The mother was standing but her head was down, her eyes closed.

The daughter shouted several more times, urgently.  There was no response.

At that moment in the parade, the Emergency Medical Service trucks passed by.  The daughter flagged one down.

The truck stopped.  Within moments, the mother was on a stretcher — whisked away quickly, carefully and compassionately.

Few people saw what happened — but that’s the way it is with Westport EMS. 

Even in the midst of the Memorial Day parade, they don’t take holidays.