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Unsung Heroes #218

Today’s Unsung Heroes selection is a no-brainer.

They’re true heroes this week, and next. Especially, the week after that one.

But really, our FedEx, UPS, US Post Office and Amazon delivery people are heroes 52 weeks of the year.

They bring us our our packages, quickly and efficiently.

They do it in all kinds of weather. They do it despite a dizzying array of obstacles: traffic, nowhere to park, locked gates, blocked paths, snarling dogs, vague addresses, missing house numbers, unwieldy packages … the list is as long as the long list of deliveries.



We complain occasionally that they put our stuff by doors we don’t use. Or they don’t ring the bell.

Well, boo hoo. If you or I had their job, we’d do it far less efficiently — and far less quickly — than they.

So this month. if you’ve got a regular delivery person, tip him or her handsomely.

If not, put some treats out for whoever shows up.

We’re lucky — especially during this pandemic — that we can order whatever we want, whenever we want to, knowing it will show up pretty much whenever it was promised.

We’re far luckier to have the men and women who make it possible. They are truly our Unsung Heroes.

IMPORTANT PS (ho ho!): I’m not forgetting our amazing US Postal Service letter carriers (who often carry packages too). I’ve featured several as Unsung Heroes over the years — including our very first Unsung Hero ever (click here).

Here’s one more shoutout to all our USPS carriers. Thank you for all you do, all the time, for all of us!

(To nominate an Unsung Hero, email dwoog@optonline.net)