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Not The Same Ol’ Fine Arts Festival

Tons of people — Westporters and outlanders — love the Westport Fine Arts Festival.

Party-poopers complain about the heat.

The Westport Downtown Merchants Association heard you. This Saturday’s event (July 21) runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Sunday hours are still 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

A small scene from last year’s Arts Festival.

Next excuse?

“It’s always the same stuff.”

Bunnies (and a carrot) by the banks of the Saugatuck.

Hah! This weekend — for the 1st time in 39 years — there are new categories: digital art, wood, jewelry, glass, ceramics and fiber.

So you not only have the usual art show — 140 booths featuring original drawing, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and watercolor — but you can take care of all your fiber needs too.

Take that, New York street fairs!

Several years ago, the Downtown Merchants moved Westport’s show from an actual street (Main) to a parking lot (Parker Harding) and island (Gorham). The move was controversial — some store owners thought they lost business — but we’ve still got “street” performers (everyone’s talking about the mime).

Children’s activities include a balloon artist and face painter.

Art — or a human being? You decide.

Music ranges from a steel band, jazz and local hotshot Dylan Connor to a sneak preview of the Staples Players’ summer production “Willy Wonka, the Musical.”

Refreshments are provided by Blue Lemon, Oscar’s Du Soleil Catering, Rita’s Italian Ice, Everybody Scream Ice Cream, and J&D Kettle Corn.

There’s also ice cold beer — and, new this year, wine.

If wine doesn’t say “Westport Downtown Arts Festival” — well, every party has its pooper.

(Added bonus: The Westport Library‘s annual book sale takes places a few yards away. The highest-priced item ever is on sale — a signed Andy Warhol volume, for $1,000 — but most books, CDs, etc. are $1 to $5. )

Jon And Rick Scream For Ice Cream

Throughout Coleytown El and Middle School, then Staples, Jon Camche and Rick Snyder were best friends. Both even attend Miami universities — though Jon’s is in Florida, and Rick’s in Ohio.

As Staples juniors in 2010, they talked about opening their own business. But what kind? When they saw a card at Joe’s Pizza advertising an ice cream truck, their problem was licked.

The guy with the card — Jim Malin — had a 2nd vehicle to rent. A converted 1964 milk truck that plays “Old MacDonald,” “Twinkle, Twinkle” and (of course, because they do parties) “Happy Birthday,” the yellow ice cream wagon is in its 2nd summer as a Westport fixture.

Rick Snyder (left) and Jon Camche, with their cool yellow truck.

“Everybody Scream Ice Cream” does house calls, cookouts, corporate events — any event, anywhere in Fairfield County. Westport has strict vending rules, so the old Good Humor man driving up and down the street tinkling his bell has gone the way of, well, the milkman.

Of course, Good Humor men never had Facebook pages. Jon and Rick do.

But you can only market so much on the internet. In the ice cream world, you’ve got to deliver.

The 19-year-olds generally work from 2 p.m. until 5 or so. They have dinner, then hit prime time: 6:30 to 8:30. “It’s still light, the kids are out, they’re ready for dessert — it’s great ice cream weather,” Jon explains.

Just another hard day at work.

Jon and Rick have learned the popular places: camp bus stops like the Unitarian Church (Holiday Hills) and St. Luke’s (Playland).

Joey’s by the Shore has the beach license, and the Levitt Pavilion is also off limits. But Little League fields are fine, as long as the truck has been hired by parents.

The truck is certainly a draw — even at unexpected places. The guys ran out of gas recently on the Post Road, to the delight of a few unexpected customers.

The most popular products are Chipwich, SpongeBob Squarepants Popsicles and Choco Tacos. But, Jon notes, little kids eat just about any kind of ice cream.

Big kids too.

(To hire Everybody Scream Ice Cream, email jcamche530@aol.com, or call 203-246-1481.)