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Friday Flashback #293

Westport is a town of neighborhoods.

There are big ones, like Saugatuck Shores, Greens Farms and Coleytown.

There are smaller neighborhoods too: Old Hill for example, or the recent real estate designation of “Hunt Club.”

But other neighborhood names have disappeared. Who ever heard of “Evergreen Heights”?

Yet there it is, clearly marked on a 1923 map found by Tom Cook.

Evergreen Heights was the area around Gorham Avenue, Washington Avenue, and of course Evergreen Parkway.  The lots — presumably ready to build on — were owned by Leonard Gault and Edward Bradley.

But what was “Grant Avenue,” off Washington? It looked like a big road. What happened to it?

Turns out, it’s still there — sort of.

It’s now just “Grant Lane,” a tiny street. I’ve lived in Westport all my life — right now, pretty much around the corner from there — and I’ve never heard of it.

(Photo/Tom Cook)

If you know anything about Evergreen Heights, or Grant Lane — like was it named for Ulysses S., or someone else? — click “Comments” below.