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Friday Flashback #42

Back in the 1970’s and ’80s, Westport was “the marketing capital of the world.” Our long heritage as an artists’ colony is also well known.

But even before that — when the death industry was just being born — we were home to the leading embalmers’ supply company on the planet.

It was formed in 1886 as a partnership between 2 Germans: inventor C.B. Dolge and pharmacist Max Huncke.

Four years later, the firm moved to Westport. In 1893 Dolge bought out his partner, and incorporated under the simple name The Embalmers’ Supply Company.

It manufactured embalming fluids using arsenic (formaldehyde was not yet available), as well as accessories like pumps and goosenecks, without which a body could not be embalmed.

After many years at 14 Wilton Road, Embalmers’ Supply moved to Ford Road — across the river from where Bridgewater is now. So the world’s biggest embalming supply company has been replaced (sort of) by the world’s largest hedge fund.

Today the company is called ESCO. It’s located in East Lyme — no connection to the “lime” once used to dispose of a corpse — and is strictly a chemical business.

(Hat tip: Seth Schachter)

Time In A Bottle

You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant. (Excepting Alice.)

You can get anything you want on eBay too — including glass bottles from long ago.

Alert “06880” reader Seth Schachter saw this for sale the other day:

Bottle 1

It’s hard to see. But the milk bottle says: “Twin Silo Farm, Westport, Conn.”

Seth has no idea where that dairy was. I don’t either.

But Jacques Voris, Jack Whittle or some other historically minded “06880” reader probably does.

Seth did not buy it. (The winning bid was $306.)

However, he’s got several other old Westport bottles in his collection. If anyone knows anything about any of these businesses, click “Comments” below. Inquiring minds — and bottle collectors everywhere — want to know.

E.D. Noy Inc., Greens Farms, Conn.:

Bottle 2

The Westport Drug Co., Geo. J. Green, Westport, Conn.:

Bottle 3

Here’s one many people have heard of. Believe it or not, Embalmers Supply was the largest company of its kind in the country. Founded in 1887 by C.B. Dolge, it moved in 1891 to the riverfront property by Ford Road, near the current headquarters of Bridgewater Associates:

Bottle 4

Who knows what that bottle was once filled with?!