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Pic Of The Day #1863

East Ferry Lane (Photo/JD Dworkow)

Scenes From A Storm

Rain from Hurricane Elsa pounded Westport from the early morning hours until a few minutes ago.

The storm seems to have moved on — though lingering rain is still possible.

Meanwhile, here are some images from a wild morning:

A tree fell on a power line at South Compo and East Ferry Lane, sparking this fire. (Photo/Matthew Mandell)

Westport police officers were out in force, helping stranded motorists.

Myrtle Avenue floods frequently. This time it was particularly bad. (Photo/Frank Rosen)

Another view of Myrtle Avenue downtown. (Photo/Beth Goldstein)

Norwalk Avenue by Compo Beach was under water too. (Photo/Maureen Aron)

Help was ready. These trucks were part of the staging area at the train station. (Photo.Steve Mochel)

[UPDATE] Gazebo

Yesterday’s “Friday Flashback” — a 1914 postcard showing a gazebo on a rocky outcropping somewhere in Westport — unleashed a torrent of guesses about the site.

Several readers were sure it’s still standing. They say it’s at 29 East Ferry Lane — very visible to rowers, kayakers and boaters on the Saugatuck River.

Others are not so sure. They think it’s unlikely a rickety structure would survive 103 years of New England weather. They wonder whether the shape is the same.

Here’s the old image:


And a new one, taken from a different angle by Wendy Crowther:

(Photo/Wendy Crowther)

Here’s another angle, taken by Marcella Lozyniak. She’s pretty certain it is not the gazebo in the postcard.


And this from Mary Gai:


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