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Jim Torrey’s Dry Cleaning Challenge

Alert “06880” reader/frustrated dry cleaning customer Jim Torrey writes:

Several years ago I moved to Westport from Greenwich. I am very happy that I did. But I still have an office in Greenwich, so I am there with frequently.

When I first got to Westport I looked for a dry cleaning outlet, mostly to launder shirts. I like them folded, so they fit in a drawer.

A shirt from Jim Torrey’s dry cleaner.

I tried several, but all gave the shirts back to me with an abundance of plastic — in the collar, the shirt in a bag, everywhere.

I asked that my shirts be returned without any plastic; simply folded, perhaps with a paper band around them and wrapped in paper.

I could not get any place to agree. In fact, they wanted to charge me more for eliminating the plastic!

In Greenwich — where I continue to bring my shirts — I get a piece of paper inside the shirt, a paper band around the shirt to keep it folded, and brown paper wrapping around all the shirts. There is no plastic anywhere.

I would also welcome a dry cleaner eliminating the plastic bag that comes with hung pants and jackets. I can’t stand it. I am fairly certain that your readers don’t welcome all of that unnecessary plastic either.

What do you say, “06880” readers? Is there a dry cleaner in town who will do what Jim asks? How do you feel about all that plastic that comes with your cleaning? What are your Westport dry cleaning experiences? Click “Comments” to reply.